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  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 1

    I was one of the unlucky ones who developed horrible stretch marks on my belly during my pregnancies. I started using Stretch-Rid after the birth of my third child. I knew immediately that I’d found a quality product. My bright purple/red marks were helped by the gel which I felt soothed my skin immediately on application. I even kept it in the fridge so when I applied it, it worked even better. It felt lovely on my skin. The rejuvenator cream has made my old stretch marks much less noticeable. I will continue using this as I am really happy with the results.

    Lana T. -- Full Time Mom

  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 2

    Stretch marks almost gone on my arms - awesome!!! Thanks.

    Charles T. - I.T. Manager and Body Builder

  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 3

    I bought Stretch-Rid for the stretch marks on my thighs. I used it religiously everyday and I have seen fantastic results. The marks are still there but so faint. My skin feels supple and nourished. I used more of the cream than the gel, but think the gel would be better if new marks appeared. But the point is, my skin is so smooth that no new marks are appearing!!! Great product.

    Jane D. - Dancer/First Time Mum

  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 4

    My friend recommended Stretch-Rid during my pregnancy. I started using it daily, massaging it into my skin, as they suggest. At first I used both the cream and the gel. However, I naturally started using more of the cream. It made my skin feel very soft. I did not get one stretch mark. If I had, I probably would have used more of the gel but the cream worked a treat, so I didn't need to. I have continued using the cream, and occasionally the gel, to ensure my skin remains moist and supple. I am really very very pleased with the product.

    Polly A. - Law Enforcement Officer

  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 5

    Stretch-Rid has helped reduce the horrible red stretch marks on my belly. I am six months pregnant and have developed some really bad marks. I used the gel to soothe them and then apply the cream morning and night to nourish. They are not as red and I feel my skin is softer so I am hoping that no more will develop. I am putting the treatment on my thighs and breasts too to prevent any marks occurring, so far so good!

    Lucy L. - Yoga Instructor

  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 6

    I cannot believe the difference after about 4 weeks of using Stretch-Rid. Fantastic product. It has made my skin feel fantastic and soft. My stretch marks have faded to the point you can hardly see them. I am VERY happy!!!

    Sam B. - Hairdresser

  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 1

    I lost a lot of weight over the last year and had old silvery stretch marks on my arms, thighs and hips. I have tried everything out there for stretch marks. Some were OK, others useless. After a lot of research, I felt that the ingredients in StretchRid were perfect. I purchased a three month supply. After just a week, I felt my skin softening, no dryness and it was firmer. The marks have definitely faded and I already feel so much better. Amazing!

    Emily S. - Journalist

  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 2

    I have tried many creams, lotions and potions for stretch marks, none have come close to StrechRid. Why? Because it provides a dual action treatment solution. Many of the other products simply moisturise from the outside. This works from the inside by trapping in moisture using the gel PLUS it moisturizes using the cream. So Clever!! It's fantastic and I love it. It has helped me and I have recommended Stretch-Rid to all my friends who also love it! Thank you!!

    Amelie P. - Bartender

  • Stretch-rid Testimonial 3

    During my teens I developed bad stretch marks across my back. They did fade in time and because I couldn't see them, they didn't really bother me. However, since I started dating I felt I wanted to smooth my skin and reduce the appearance. So, after lots of looking, I found Stretch-Rid. I use it exactly as they suggest and it does exactly what it says it should !! Great results…..I feel much better about my body!!!!

    Gary T. - Cafe Owner

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